Living with one or more roommates is often an inevitable experience after taking steps towards independence and getting your own place. Whether you are lucky enough to be moving in with a good friend or you’re sharing a space with a stranger, living with others can take some time to get used to. However, after a little while, you’ll realize that certain situations exist where having a roommate totally rocks! Check out these top six benefits to living with a roommate.

1. Splitting the Cost of Living Means Savings All Around

If you just left the nest, chances are that you are either a student or a recent graduate with limited finances. Living with one or more roommates is a smart way to save on cash during these first few years of adulthood. In addition to splitting up the cost of rent and utilities, roommates often split the cost of other apartment essentials such as furniture, a television, and common household supplies. It’s probably a good idea to decide on ownership of the larger and more expensive items early on to avoid drama when you or one of your roommates eventually moves out.

2. They Keep You Accountable

While it may afford you more privacy, living completely on your own can make it difficult to have the self-discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Seeing someone you live with go to the gym and practice healthy eating habits makes you much more likely to follow suit. A roommate is also a great backup alarm clock. They can wake you up if you oversleep, potentially preventing you from facing the consequences of being late to work or class!

3. They Can Be an Unexpected Hero

Roommates are great for getting you out of sticky situations. Locked yourself out of your apartment without a spare key? Being able to call up your roomie and ask them to let you in means not having to call your leasing office or spend big bucks on a locksmith. Find yourself on a date that isn’t going so hot? Send your roommate a text and have them feign an emergency (something as simple as being locked out is fine). This can make leaving an awkward situation clean and easy.

4. More Roommates Can Mean a Larger Living Space

One argument for living with multiple roommates, as opposed to just one, is a larger floor plan. While the size of your own bedroom may not change much, multiple-bedroom floor plans often include a much larger kitchen, bathroom, and living room areas. This extra space makes living in your apartment much more enjoyable and makes it easier to entertain guests.

5. Expand Your Circle of Friends

While it would certainly be nice, no one is expecting you and your roommate to be best friends. Roommate relationships actually tend to thrive the most when each person is given adequate personal time and space. However, if you and your roommate do get along, you will likely be introduced to their own circle of friends. These are people who you would never have met without your roommate, so take the chance to get to know them! For those of us who tend to be more reserved, this can be a great way to get out of your shell and meet new people. Plus, having guests over is always easier when they are a mutual acquaintance of you and your roommate.

6. Someone to Vent to and Confide In

If you take steps to form a healthy relationship with your roommate, you will likely find a lifelong friend. Having someone to vent to about a long day at work or relationship troubles can do wonders for your mental and emotional state. It is important to remember to listen to your roommates’ problems as well and offer good advice when appropriate.

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