When renting an apartment with pets, there are many things to consider. Will there be enough room for them to be comfortable? How long can I leave them alone for? Can I trust them to be quiet? Lucky for you, apartment renters have many breeds to choose from when selecting a dog. Often when thinking of ideal apartment dogs, people tend to suggest going smaller. Contrary to popular belief, small size does not necessarily mean they will be an ideal fit. While smaller dogs require less space, many breeds have high energy levels and will bark incessantly. To help you be considerate of your neighbors and find a new friend you’ll love, here are a few recommendations for the best dog for apartment living.


Maxing out at a height of 15 inches and weighing between 40-50 pounds, English Bulldogs thrive in apartment living. Compact and laidback, bulldogs do not require a ton of exercise to be happy. These “non-sporting” dogs make great additions to families with kids and other pets. For those looking for a smaller option, French bulldogs are approximately half the size of English Bulldogs and typically do not make that much noise at all.


The queen approves and so do we! Corgis are an excellent, all around apartment pet pal. These friendly herding dogs are known for their super short legs, which allows them to exercise indoors if ever needed. Corgis love to cuddle and have playful bursts of energy when company is over. This breed loves socializing but is quick to calm down when you are not around.

Shih Tzu

Small in size, calm disposition, friendly and attention loving, Shih Tzu’s were bred to be a lapdog. Averaging at about 10-15 pounds, these pint sized pups make the perfect apartment companion. Shih Tzus make a lovely addition to any home but require proper training early on to control unnecessary barking. As a small dog bred to spend most of their day inside royal palaces, Shih Tzus make a great pet if you lack a big backyard.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Bred as a lap dog for history’s aristocrats, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the more graceful breeds on our list. No more than 13 inches tall, Cavaliers draw you in with their gentle, round eyes and sweet disposition. Cavaliers become very attached to their owners, so small homes make the perfect environment for bonding. Training a King Charles Spaniel can take some effort but if given plenty of outdoor time and positive reinforcement, a King Charles can quickly become trustworthy apartment pets.

Yorkshire Terrier

Commonly referred to as the Yorkie, these affectionate dogs make great apartment pets. Ranging in size from teacup, miniature and toy, Yorkies do not require a large space to be content and make surprisingly good watchdogs. Proper training and socialization as a puppy is required to limit their “yappiness” and distrust of strangers. Although mouthy, these small pooches make excellent roommates as they are hypoallergenic and don’t shed.


Traditionally known for their lanky legs and high energy, Greyhounds make great apartment pets as well. Ranging in size from 7-14 pounds for Italian Greyhounds and 50-70 pounds for the normal standard size, a Greyhound’s exercise needs can be satisfied with daily walks. Greyhound breeds are typically calm and friendly, making them great low maintenance neighbors. Due to their short-coat and lean body type, the only caveat is that Greyhounds require extra care in colder weather.

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