renting an apartment with roommates

For most of us, living in the tri-state can be expensive. In the event you are opposed to moving back in with mom and dad after college, leaving the nest for the first time or need to make another move to accommodate your work commute, acquiring a good roommate is essential. Whether you know the person prior or not, living with anyone can be stressful at times. Laying out your ground rules right off the bat is important to ensure an easy transition. To help ease the movement into life with an additional person, we’ve put together a list of 4 tips for renting with roommates.

Choose the Right One

Choosing the right roommate is a tricky but personal decision. Finding someone with common interests may seem like the best idea at first, but various other factors should be taken into account. Be sure to do your social media research and get a glimpse of the potential roommate’s lifestyle. Upon further investigation, conflicting schedules or different financial restraints may make the ideal candidate less appealing. After filtering your search to what works best for you, try reaching out and narrow down those looking for a similar situation. Before committing, knowing how long a person intends to stay in the area can save you from having to start this search over again.

Make It Official

Once you have found the right roommate(s) for you, make it official and have everyone sign the lease. This obvious tip may sound like a given but no one wants to deal with a housemate who’s destined to run a few months in. Discuss who will put their name on which accounts and how the others will pay them back or split the charges. Thoroughly discussing these topics in advance can save you from very avoidable last-minute headaches.

Have an Open Line of Communication

Establishing an open line of communication from the start is essential to living with someone else. Some subjects are more sensitive to others, but that does not mean they shouldn’t be discussed. Talking general finances or asking to have company over are both issues that can be potentially daunting to bring up. Check in with your co-tenant regularly to make these conversations as easy as possible.

Establish Ground Rules

Setting up ground rules for your new home is a great way to minimize potential conflicts from arising later on down the line. Sharing common spaces such the kitchen, bathrooms and living areas with someone can get pretty messy. Deciding on a cleaning system or schedule can help maintain clutter and avoid future conflicts. Establishing rules around having guests over should be discussed and agreed upon prior to the guest’s arrival. Making sure your rent and utilities are in on time is another helpful thing to discuss from the get-go when renting with a roommate.

Make Use of File Sharing

File sharing applications such as Google docs or Excel spreadsheets can be an easily accessible and secure way to view multiple-money flows over time. Inputting when and how much you paid into the file is a visible way to see how much is still owed. This system can also prove helpful before moving in to establish who is bringing what to avoid doubling up on furniture or supplies.

Money Sharing

Discuss with your roommates the possibility of money sending apps such as Venmo or Cash App to avoid the painful limbo period of waiting for cash payments. These apps make it easy to instantly send your roommate your portion of the rent or be compensated for ordering that take-out meal last night.

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