With Spring just around the corner, we’re sure you are just itching to get outside! What better way to do so than by exploring some local hotspots? Home to some of the most relaxing parks in New Jersey, Metuchen offers a variety of public spaces for your enjoyment. From dog parks to memorials, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite parks in the local Metuchen area.

Centennial Park

Opened in 2000, Centennial Park is the largest natural open space in Metuchen, NJ. Located within the park’s 13 acres are walking paths, bird sighting spots and Metuchen’s highest point, Beacon Hill, towering at 169 feet. Created as a recreational area for local residents, Centennial Park has become home to a variety of plants and wildlife. If you haven’t already, make your way over to Groove Street and check it out for yourself.

Middlesex Greenway

Stretching from Woodbridge to Edison, the Middlesex Greenway cuts straight through Metuchen, providing residents with a beautiful walking trail in either direction. This walking path originally served as a railroad freight line but is now an excellent option for biking, jogging, hiking, dog walking and much more. Major extensions to the trail are being considered as the park joins the national Rails to Trails program.

Memorial Park

Located just off the Greenway on the corner of Lake Ave, Metuchen Memorial Park is the perfect stop for any history lover. The Metuchen Memorial Park pays tribute to all veterans who have fought for our country, particularly the veterans from WWI, WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. This beautiful park is the last stop of Metuchen’s Memorial Day parade but don’t wait until then to explore. Head over and check out some history today!

Tommy’s Pond

As one of the smaller parks on our list, Thomas Park is a great location for a quick fix of some greenery. Nestled in the residential area of Southern Metuchen, this park sits on 1.8 acres of land with a half-acre pond. Despite its size, Tommy’s Pond provides an abundance of recreational opportunities such as an annual fishing derby, zumba and seasonal events like ice-skating and sleigh riding. If you are looking for the perfect spot for a picnic, stop by Tommy’s Park.

Woodwild Park

For a more secluded take on nature, explore the untouched woods of Woodwild Park. This 3.5-acre plot of land has remained underdeveloped by the wishes of previous owners who intended the space to be used by neighborhood residents. A unique feature to this spot is the large Kettle Hole depression that has become a seasonal pond for mallard ducks. This land abnormality occurs when a large block of glacial ice melts under the surface, resulting in an indented hole.

Dismal Swamp

Included on our list is New Jersey’s own Dismal Swamp Preserve. This marshy area is located primarily in Edison with parts stretching into Metuchen. Known as the “Everglades of Central New Jersey”, Dismal Swamp is home to a long list of over 200 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. These wetlands provide the perfect home for local fauna while additionally working as natural flood control.

Community Dog Park

For your furry friends, try out the Metuchen-Edison Community Dog Park on Whitman Ave. Don’t have a backyard? No problem. Let your dog enjoy the outdoors and run safely in this enclosed park on the South Metuchen and Edison border. Equipped with a small agility course and separate pens for larger and smaller dogs, the community dog park is a great way to get you and your pets active outside.

Explore the Beautiful Parks of Metuchen, NJ

After a long winter there’s nothing better than getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Whether you are the active type or prefer a quiet place to read, Metuchen, NJ has a park for everyone. If you are looking to move to Middlesex County, look no further than Woodmont Metro. Just blocks from all these scenic parks, our luxury apartments provide you with a perfect community only moments from the action. Don’t wait for the weather to improve to check us out! Contact us or call at (844) 459-1442 to schedule a visit and view our apartment features and amenities today.