We’ve all been there – you are about to commit to your dream apartment when you review the lease and notice a restrictive decorating policy. If the space is simply dream-like but you want to customize it to fit your preferences, fear not! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite damage free apartment decoration ideas to make your home uniquely you!

Pick a Fun Theme

Picking a theme or style is essential to making an apartment yours. Throw pillows, tapestries, colorful rugs and blankets are all great ways to add to existing interior design. Try accenting colors or patterns for a variety of visual pleasing accessories!

Live Décor

Plants are an excellent way to liven up a room. With a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, there is a plant for any space. Make use of your apartment’s natural light or generous counter space by adding a few new friends. For the non-green thumbs out there, try an easier, more plastic option.

Colorful String Lights

String lights can add an array of colors to your apartment interior and aren’t just limited to the holiday season. Available in a variety of lengths and colors, these lights will make any window or door frame pop. Save on electricity by using outlet timers to control display hours.

Wall Art

An easy way to decorate your apartment is through art. Polaroid pictures, paintings, paper pop art and vinyls are all items that can easily be put on a wall and taken down at your leisure. Sculptures or other floor based standing art can add culture and color throughout your entire apartment. Removable decorative decals are another great way to add styles and patterns to any room.

No Nail Command Hooks

Save your time down the line and avoid damaging your walls with nails and having to plaster the holes you’ve made. Invest in removable wall hooks for easy application and damage-less removal at just about any time you please. Command hooks are useful for pictures, paintings, miscellaneous wall art, string lighting, apparel and much more! Wall hooks provide you with the utility of a hook and a sturdy nail without the hassle of damaging after effects.

Clear Pantry Containers

Doubling as storage and a versatile display, clear storage containers are a visual way of organizing your belongings. Great in any kitchen to store your cereal, grains, and other snacks, clear pantry containers provide a reusable medium for storing various items. Instead of hiding in the back of the pantry way out of easily accessible reach, display your tasty treats right on the counter.

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