Space restriction is a common obstacle for many apartment renters. You don’t want to overcrowd your apartment with furniture that doesn’t work or fit in a given space. Picking out apartment furniture must be done with strategy and the basic dos and don’ts in mind. Any suitable living space needs to be furnished in order to fully appreciate the home, but do some planning and tread carefully before any final decision. Here are five tips to help you purchase the perfect furniture to make the most of your small space.

1. Furniture with Secret Storage

Keep storage space in the forefront when you’re searching for the perfect apartment furniture. Your apartment will be nowhere near the size of a regular home and storage space will be limited. There are many products on the market that allow you to create, purchase and use furniture as a means of secret storage. The best examples include: bed frames with built in drawers, multi-shelved dressers and T.V. stands, and futons, ottomans or tables whose tops remove to utilize its interior space. Get the most use out of your furniture and increase your apartment’s storage to avoid messy clutter.

2. Small Scale Furniture

Pursuing small-scaled furniture is key while furnishing your apartment. You’ll want to use low profile pieces to avoid feeling cramped in your own home. Keeping a detailed mental image or recording the exact measurements of your apartment would be a wise precaution. Buying a couch that’s too big doesn’t make sense, no matter how comfortable it is. You’ll want to use large pieces sparingly and shoot for just one large “statement” piece to build the room around.

3. Avoid Too Much Furniture

Balance your space with a minimal amount of furniture. Avoiding too much furniture will help your wallet, avoid clutter and make your apartment look bigger. This tip is simple at its core but be mindful not to go overboard. A lot of furniture will make a small space feel all the more cramped. Only buy furniture that you’re positive will serve an aesthetic and useful purpose.

4. Dual-Purpose Furniture

Dual-Purpose furniture is an interesting thing to consider. As previously mentioned, furniture often comes with added storage, but this can be taken a step further. A well-known example is the pullout couch. This popular piece features the comfort of a couch but doubles as a bed for a visiting guest. The pullout couch is a direct result of combating space restrictions by its retractable ability. Furniture is also often placed to avoid blocking electrical outlets. Many dual-purpose furniture pieces feature outlets and USB ports to cut down on wall outlet usage, which allows for more arrangement possibilities.

5. Practical Furniture

Never buy furniture that doesn’t have a practical use. This tip reinforces the importance of searching for dual-purpose, small scale and secret storage pieces for your apartment. A great example includes avoiding elaborate chandeliers or light fixtures. There are many ways to provide your apartment with light without using spacious appliances. It would also be encouraged to pay close attention to the minor details of your furniture. Purchasing chairs with arms may restrict your movement around the apartment or near the table. Armless chairs will allow you to move freely and promote the illusion of an open floor plan. If you can avoid impulse purchases, your apartment will thank you!

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