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Some days, there’s nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a delicious pastry in a relaxing environment. Whether you want to catch up on work, reunite with friends or enjoy a tasty dessert, coffee shops can provide you with the perfect opportunity to spend your days however you would like to. After moving to a new town, you might find yourself wondering where you can find delicious coffee and pastries as well as a new spot to spend rainy afternoons and busy work weeks. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best coffee shops near Woodmont Metro apartments in Metuchen, NJ.

Brewed Awakening

Located on 417 Main Street, Brewed Awakening is the perfect brunch spot. Perhaps you’re in the mood for pancakes, omelets, soup or a sandwich. It makes no difference when you’re in here because Brewed Awakening serves a wide variety of items ranging from sweet breakfast foods to savory lunch items. Pair your meal with one of their signature drinks, like a latte, hot chocolate or iced tea for the perfect brunch.

Cai’s Café

Known as “Metuchen’s Living Room,” Cai’s Café has everything you could ever need in a coffee shop. From live music to hot drinks and “light bites,” Cai’s Café will provide you with plenty of opportunities to have a great time whether you’re studying for a big test or looking forward to seeing local musicians play new music. Grab a latte and a cozy seat by the fireplace to get work done on cold and rainy days at the café. Alternatively, you can go for a fresh fruit smoothie and an outdoor seat overlooking Main Street on a hot summer day. Either way, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for at Cai’s Café.

Hatch 44 Café

Hatch 44 is a family-owned café that strongly believes in the unity and power of family. The café opens bright and early at 7 a.m. each morning because the owners and staff believe that everyone should start each day with a nourishing home-cooked meal. Enjoy some family time at Hatch 44 while you sip on locally roasted coffee, specialty organic tea or a cold beverage, like some of their freshly squeezed orange juice. Bring the whole family to this family-friendly cafe for breakfast, lunch, dessert or coffee, and overall, fun quality time spent with your loved ones.

Pearl St. Café

According to Chef Dan of Pearl St. Café, the café is all about comfort and fun foods. After attending culinary school, opening and operating Dan’s on Main, and working at Princeton University’s newest dining hall, Chef Dan has taken all of his experiences and combined them to create Pearl St. Café. At the café, you will find everything from coffee to-go in the mornings, to lunch and dinner daily. You don’t need to worry if you’re on the run and can’t sit down and eat at the café because take-out is always readily available.

Angie’s Café and Bakery

Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee, Angie’s Café and Bakery has it all, especially if you are looking for authentic Spanish cuisine. Angie’s is a Dominican café and bakery that offers both catering and takeout. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, the café also sells delicious pastries, such as tres leches cake, tiramisu and Dominican cake, among many other options. You can also enjoy everything from natural fruit juice to cappuccinos and espressos.

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