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New Jersey is without a doubt the most beautiful state to visit for those craving a full experience of the fall season. From the crisp, cool weather to the stunning backdrop of colors in the trees and scenery, it is hard to beat the beauty this time of year. As fall approaches, it is time to start thinking about how you will prepare your space for the fall weather. Here are our 5 fall decorating tips for your Metuchen apartment, if you are lucky enough to call this town your home!


1. Incorporate Fall Scents

Nothing will make your apartment feel like fall more than opening the door to these warm fall scents. Incorporate candles, incense or plug-ins of your choice in your favorite fall scents. From warm cinnamon, to pumpkin, sweet apple pie or pine, you will “fall” in love with the way your apartment smells! Scents like this have a magical way of making the entire apartment feel warmer and more welcoming, and will help you embrace the cooler temperatures outside.


2. Spice Up Your Front Door

Your front door is the first thing people see when they come to visit. Make it warm and inviting while meshing with the beauty of the outdoors. A couple of ideas for spicing up your front door include adding a fall wreath to the front door, some beautiful orange and white pumpkins, or some cinnamon sticks. Get creative and really embrace the beauty of the nature around you to create an incredible fall apartment décor.


3. Incorporate Warmer Colors Into the Space

As the weather gets cooler, your décor should go warmer. Incorporate burnt orange, deep reds, chocolate browns and rich yellow colors into your décor to make the entire space feel more seasonal. Add these colors in your hand towels, rugs, linens and any other décor as you see fit. With splashes of these colors throughout your apartment, the beauty of the interior will match the beauty of Metuchen, New Jersey outdoors in the fall – or at least come close.


4. Update Your Table Settings

Looking to have friends and family over for a meal? Your table settings can set the mood for the perfect fall season. If you have a lot of space, add some pumpkins or seasonally colored flowers as a centerpiece. If you do not have enough space to do that, find placemats and napkins that embrace the fall season and will make guests feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It also helps to have some candles on the table to really warm up the space.


5. Prepare for Cooler Weather

While we may not want to admit it, the beauty of the fall season also means the cool weather is on its way. You can make your apartment look perfect for the fall while also making it functional for the cooler weather approaching. We recommend investing in some quality throw blankets. These can be strategically placed, draped over chairs and folded at the foot of the couch. This allows you to always be in reach of something warm, while adding to the beauty of your fall decorations.


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