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The key to organizing any room is simple: everything should have a designated space where it belongs. This leaves zero to the imagination when cleaning up your room and trying to figure out where everything goes. Without solid organization in the bedroom, everything will look cluttered – leading to unnecessary stress in the room that is supposed to be your sanctuary. At Woodmont Metro in Metuchen, New Jersey, we want to ensure our residents always feel relaxed at home. So follow these organizational tips and tricks for your apartment bedroom to feel your best.

Incorporate Shelving

Getting clutter off of the floor is the best way to start on your journey toward organization. Apartments don’t always have the largest bedroom spaces, so this is why it is so important to make use of the vertical space within each room. Incorporating shelves in the bedroom gives you a place to put all of your loose ends, whether it’s those books that are stacked up in the corner or little knickknacks you do not have a place for quite yet. If you don’t want your items placed on a shelf, then maybe it is time to part with them.

Make Use of Under-the-Bed Space

A bed takes up a ton of room in any apartment space. However, that entire space does not need to be wasted. Place your bed on bed risers, or purchase a bed frame that incorporates room for storage underneath. This allows you to have some extra space to tuck away your belongings, such as clothes that are not in season, luggage, and any other large items that don’t have a space to be stored at the moment.

Invest in Jars and Nice Boxes

Instead of having clutter on your floor and in your closet, invest in some pretty jars and boxes to better organize your belongings. For example, if you have all of your socks tossed in a drawer in your closet, instead, place a pretty box within the drawer to hold all of your socks and partition this area to make room for other items. Use jars to store jewelry or other small items you don’t want to lose. This is both functional and decorative, creating a beautiful overall look.

Take Your Work Out of the Bedroom

Part of organizing your bedroom is keeping out things that do not belong in the bedroom – like your work! Whether it is your laptop, notebooks, textbooks or other work materials, make a space for those things that is not in the bedroom. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for relaxation and sleep, not somewhere full of reminders of things you need to do.

Keep Surfaces Clean and Clear

From your nightstand to the top of your dresser, we know these become areas where people love to store loose ends. You will not believe how much cleaner and more organized your bedroom will look when these areas are cleared of all clutter.

Spacious Apartments in Metuchen, New Jersey

At Woodmont Metro, our one-bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans are incredibly spacious, offering tons of room for you to keep your belongings and stay organized, in addition to our range of community amenities. Everything you need for an organized and relaxing life is available at Woodmont Metro in Metuchen, New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more about making it your home.