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Family, friends, and yes – even strangers – will be ready to provide their opinions, personal experiences and insightful advice if you reveal that you’re stuck between renting an apartment and buying a home. Even though you might value their guidance and recommendations, here are five sound arguments for renting an apartment – a choice that is affordable, logical and beneficial.


1.    Maintenance repairs are not your responsibility.

It’s no secret how many things can go wrong in your living space, due to normal wear and tear and accidental malfunctions. While home owners are responsible for all their maintenance and repairs – fixing a backed up toilet, hiring a pricey repairman, replacing a burst pipe and dealing with a faulty air conditioner unit – apartment renters simply make a phone call to their landlord or maintenance staff, who deals with the problems for you. The same goes for typical upkeep – especially in a luxury apartment unit, where all of the appliances and fixtures are completely up-to-date.


2.    Credit requirements aren’t as daunting.

A credit check is almost a universal standard among all landlords and apartment owners, which ensures that each renter is financially fit to apply for a lease. However, this is a much easier scanning process than those who are seeking mortgages on a home. Think about it like this: If you are renting, your application either becomes approved or denied due to your credit history and credit score –and you’re more than likely to become approved by an apartment complex if your report does not include bankruptcies and judgments. On the other hand, those who are trying to purchase a home must meet higher credit standards; where a credit score below 680 and 700 are usually considered to be subprime.


3.    It’s much easier to relocate.

A career switch, job location swap, admittance into a new college or any other life-altering situation could potentially call for a sudden move and overall relocation. When you rent an apartment, this process becomes a lot easier, not as time-consuming and will most likely cost less. Although up and moving will require some sort of financial consequence, you can try to sublet your apartment, or negotiate some type of deal with your landlord – something that simply isn’t possible when you own a home, as selling one takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, energy and money.


4.    You’re exposed to a rich community life.

Making friends isn’t hard when you live in an apartment – especially one that offers a ton of community amenities to its renters. The newer apartment complexes tend to offer a range of high-end benefits for their residents to take advantage of, including but not limited to a clubroom, swimming pool, courtyard, lounge area, fitness studio, and barbeque grilling areas. When you spend time with the people you are living next to in such a relaxed and friendly setting, the community life is enhanced completely, leaving you with a warm atmosphere among your fellow apartment neighbors.


5.    Apartments are located in convenient areas.

On your quest for an apartment complex, you’ll probably notice that each one is located in an upbeat, busy and convenient area, essentially filled with everything you’d need in just a short walk – or train, bus and car ride – away. This is especially true of apartments that exist in metropolitan areas, as they contain the most number of shopping malls, stores, eateries, schools and hospitals. Oppositely, living in a home often means you are residing in a suburban neighborhood (or at least a more suburban, rural area).


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