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Creative Décor Ideas for Your NJ Apartment

Spring time is filled with sunshine, warm rainy days, flowers, lively animals and pretty much every other thing we’ve missed all winter long – which makes the desire to decorate your apartment during the amazing months of the spring season even stronger than ever. Instead of going with the usual flow and breaking out the same old decorations you’ve always used, try out these six different spring decorating tips for your apartment this season:


1. Make Blooming Buds Pop

After a long, drawn out winter, our favorite flowers come to life again in the early weeks of spring. Head to your local florist for a pretty flower arrangement! Display three mini glass vases beside each other on the kitchen counter, filling each up halfway with water. Use a couple droplets of food dye to turn the water a cheerful color, like pink, blue or green. Insert the flowers when that is complete, and you’ll have a unique new floral decoration to admire while you eat.


2. Hang a Lattice Frame

When you decorate for spring, it’s always a good idea to pull inspiration from the beautiful, fresh outdoors. Latticework is typically crafted into trellises, forming a stand on which roses, morning glories and other wrap-around plants and flowers can grow. If you love the way lattice looks in your garden, you can mimic the same exact look with a few picture frames. Crafting them can be one way to go about it, if you’re up to the extra work – but regardless of whether or not you purchase or DIY them, the crisscrossed lath strips make beautiful frames. Use them to hang photographs of flowers or hand-drawn pictures to make it really feel like spring.


3. Revive Old Throw Pillows

Blues skies, healthy green grass, different shades of flowers and plants – all these wonderful colors of spring can be incorporated into your very own apartment with a quick – and inexpensive – fix. Take the throw pillows you already have laying on the living room couch and chairs, and give them a colorful makeover with vibrant new pillowcases. You can craft these with floral fabric, pink and yellow hues, or any other spring-inspired looks you can think of, or just purchase a few from a retailer near you. The same can be done in your bedroom as well.


4. Plant a Miniature Terrarium

One of the biggest trends from this past year, terrariums are still very much in – and they’re perfect for the warmer months of spring. There’s a ton of variety when it comes to terrarium planters, so get a few that suit your style, be it rustic, modern or antique. Fill up each planter with fresh arrangements, containing different colored succulents and flowers. You can display your miniature terrariums in a window sill, on top of a bedroom dresser, or on a tray table – just make sure that wherever you put it, there is enough natural light.


5. Update Your Window Treatments

In another simple spring decorating tip: give your apartment windows a much-needed facelift with a new window treatment. The hottest spring looks available include pastels, pops of pink, yellow, bold patterns and floral designs. While any of these would surely look amazing inside of your apartment, it’s important that the new window fabrics don’t clash with the existing furniture and overall feel of the room. As long as you’re mindful of how the new curtains and valances will look, the sky’s the limit when it comes to updating your windows for spring.


6. Repurpose a Bird Cage

The sound of birds chirping can seem like music to our ears in the spring – especially to those who have been cooped up in their apartment all winter long, thanks to the snowy weather. Take a note from the sweet little animals and repurpose an old bird cage to add a beautiful piece of spring décor into your living space. A vintage, wooden bird cage is a timeless choice, and can be painted a pastel shade to feel more upbeat. You can display fresh flowers in a vase, use it as an indoor garden planter or set up a faux feather nest and eggs inside to decorate. Place the display on the kitchen tabletop to use as a centerpiece, or place it on an end table to adore while spending quality time in the living room.


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