Date Ideas in Metuchen NJ

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Located just 25 miles away from Manhattan, the borough of Metuchen, New Jersey is a desirable community of Middlesex county. Filled with shops, restaurants and a quaint, friendly atmosphere, Metuchen is the ideal place to take your sweetheart out this Valentine’s Day. It is filled with a number of possibilities for the two of you to partake in. In fact, the only difficult aspect of making plans for your better half will involve choosing exactly the place you want to bring your guy or girl, depending on your interests – and, of course, depending on your taste in food.


1.    Grab some zesty Mexican cuisine.

Just because an establishment gives off a casual vibe does not make it any less romantic – just take Mariachi, for instance. This Metuchen restaurant serves up delicious Mexican favorites in a humble and festive space, making an environment for the two of you to feel nothing but comfortable in. Whether you’re craving a traditional burrito, a cheesy enchilada or spicy chicken taco, Mariachi has pretty much everything you could possibly think of when it comes to their Mexican dishes. The colorful murals and accommodating wait staff truly make it a one-of-a-kind experience. And if you’re looking to keep it really casual and just stay in for a Valentine’s dinner at home, you can check out their extensive menu and order online.


2.    Enjoy a live performance.

Known as Central Jersey’s cultural hub since its opening in 1928, the Forum Theatre Arts Center has evolved over the years, becoming more entertaining, enjoyable and diverse. The nonprofit performing arts center is proud to educate and entertain the citizens of Metuchen, and offers a 450-seat venue for the township to utilize. If you and your love are interested in a stunning, enriching performance, go see a concert, dance, movie, play or recital this Valentine’s Day. With a convenient location on Main Street, the Forum Theatre Arts Center is full of talented performers who really set out to give you the experience of a lifetime.


3.    Indulge in authentic Italian food.

Earning rave reviews from The New York Times and other critics, Novita Bistro & Lounge is one of the best Italian joints in all of Metuchen. The restaurant is owned by a family that lives and breathes the culture in all elements of their life, who are proud to serve the community with Italian food that has its own unique twist. Created with fresh, local ingredients, the food options that make up each menu are seasonal – and always delicious. Any couple who chooses to spend their Valentine’s evening at Novita Bistro & Lounge can enjoy a taste of Italy with live music; just remember to call ahead to make a reservation before you go.


4.    Relax in a French atmosphere.

Anyone who wants to take their significant other on a Valentine’s dinner date that’s extremely romantic yet adorably cozy should consider Café Paris, yet another gem located on Metuchen’s Main Street. The second location opened by a French family in 2004, the café is full of healthy, tasteful French cuisine. You can order a genuine French dish like Beef Bourguignon, Veal Campagnol and Agneau a la Provencal, or get one of our highly rated crepes and soups. While you both have a great time dining at Café Paris, you can also marvel at the hand-painted walls, which portray a beautiful French street.


5.    Take a dance class.

Couples who love all things fitness and working out shouldn’t be afraid to trade the traditional dinner date in for a fun night of dancing. If you’re looking to surprise your loved one with a dance class full of awesome beats, new moves and a dedicated teacher, look no further than Metuchen Dance Centre. The studio offers a ton of different adult drop-in dance classes for you to choose from, depending on what type of dance workout you’re looking for. Barre Sculpt and PiYo are two unique courses in particular that will leave the both of you feeling great and looking great. The best part? Each one is only $15 for the night!


Apartments in Metuchen, NJ

Even if you’re a couple who lives together in a Metuchen apartment or townhouse, the spark can still be very much alive on Valentine’s Day. With so many eateries, shops and things to do, it’s super easy to celebrate the one you love when you live in such an incredible place. If you’re looking to explore other housing options throughout Metuchen, schedule a visit at Woodmont Metro – Metuchen’s downtown, brand new luxury rental community. With a prestigious location and affordable floor plan rates, Woodmont Metro is just another reason why the borough of Metuchen is such a great, vibrant place.