Commuter Friendly Apartment in NJ

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Location is everything to those who brave a commute to work each day, but especially the people who need to travel to a city like New York every week. Residing in an apartment that is in close proximity to a bus stop, train station, taxi or Uber service is an undeniable necessity to anyone who needs to travel for work, and allows for a wide variety of benefits that make the 9-5 hustle a little bit more bearable.


1.    Commuting time is cut in half.

It’s a pretty big deal when a commuter finds out that their time traveling from point A to point B has the potential to be cut in half. Commuter-friendly apartments that are situated beside public transportation stops automatically rule out that extra long, time-consuming drive to train stations and bus stops. Instead, those who make the trek to work can simply walk or ride their bike for a few short minutes to get there. And commuter-friendly apartments aren’t just defined by those located closely to places of transit – those that are located a short distance from large cities also make for a much shorter commute time.


2.    You get to spend less money on your ticket.

Veteran commuters will be the first to admit how frustrating it is to spend a large chunk of their paycheck on expensive train, bus, taxi or uber fares. Unfortunately, for those who do not have the privilege of living closely to the city in which they work, a pricey ticket is what they will be paying to travel public transportation each day. The reason? The more miles you are located away from your desired stop, the more money you need to pay. Living in a commuter-friendly apartment that is an arm’s length away from a public transportation stop means you’ll be spending a lot less money on your monthly pass or ticket.


3.    There is more time saved for you.

When it comes to all of the advantages of residing in a commuter-friendly apartment, the benefit that most can agree on is the amount of time you save, and can ultimately spend on yourself – not waiting on long lines, scrambling to get to the bus stop on time, or simply sitting on a long train ride. When your apartment’s location is easily accessible to your job, it’s pretty much a win-win for your personal life and personal time, whether you use all those extra minutes to hit the snooze button and sleep in, or meet with friends at a reasonable hour for celebratory drinks after work.


Commuter Friendly Apartments in Metuchen, New Jersey

Those who work in New York City, but reside elsewhere, are all too familiar with the struggles of commuting to their job each week – it’s rated as the city with the most time spent commuting, after all. If you are one of those hopeful commuters out there seeking to improve your time traveling to work, consider making the move to Metuchen, New Jersey’s Woodmont Metro luxury apartment rental community. Located at the Metuchen train station of New Jersey Public Transit, Woodmont Metro is filled with beneficial community amenities, desirable floor plans and the ultimate location commuters only dream of. Our leasing offices encourage you to schedule a visit, and check out the amazing transit village lifestyle Woodmont Metro has to offer its residents and community. The small-town ambience of Metuchen – paired with its close proximity to New York City – is exactly what attracts the people who reside here, whether they work locally or commute to their job each day.